First Draft of Novel Finished

August 27, 2016–I just finished the first draft of my novel Second Chance at Love–my working title. The hard part is over…or is it? Now I get to go back through it page by page and tweak what I wrote. I’m dreading it, but am glad at least the first stage and hardest part–the getting started and keeping at it–is complete.


Writing Again

I’ve fallen off the writing cart, been frightened of what I might find when I climbed back on, but climbed back on I did. I’m happy to announce that I am writing again and feeling oh so good about what I’m producing. The novel that has sat dormant is now once again being worked on. As you can see, I’m not editing myself as a I write. I just want to get the story down and get it finished so I can turn back around and revise it to make it stronger.

It is amazing that once again my characters have come to life are speaking to me, to each other and the conversations flow. Other characters have popped in and are demanding attention, no matter, how brief.

I feel good about what I’m writing. It feels so good to write again.