30,000 words and counting

Today, we had a snow day at work. Actually we were sent home early because of the bad weather. Since I had the afternoon off (work was called at noon today), I decided to write. Yesterday, I wrote over 1,000 words to 28,464. Today, I wrote to 30,120 words.

I felt better about writing almost 2,000 words because these counted and don’t feel like I’m making my own slush pile of words. It felt like real writing. Like all these words actually matter. Okay, so maybe it’s the two pink frosted sugar cookies I just ate talking, but I think the work was pretty good. I’m counting on it being good. Once I get through with all the writing, I’ll go back through and edit it to fine tune what I’ve written. For now, I’m just flying by the seat of my pants and trying to enjoy the process as much as possible.

I have two cats seated on me. One is preening herself on my left leg with the other is purring contently in my zip-up jacket. I’m so thankful for content cats and cookies and 30,000 words (sugar cookies talking again). Even so I’m thankful for where I am right now.


5 Ways to become a successful writer

According to a recent article I read from Writer’s Digest there are five things everyone who wants to finish a novel draft must do. They are–as I remember them:

  1. Just do it. Don’t put it off just sit down and get something on the page.
  2. Just do it. Don’t look at a blank page start writing and the genius will come.
  3. Just do it. (Is it getting old yet?)
  4. Just do it. You only have yourself to blame if you aren’t doing it.
  5. (Sigh) Just do it. Who cares if you’ve been struggling with writers block or fear of writing and writing crap get something on the page.

The article was not helpful. Then again, I did sit down and start writing and got in just over 1,000 words tonight.

Cats and Writing

I have three cats. Two of which are situated on me. One is licking it’s back on my left leg while the other is sleeping in my zip-up jacket. It’s hard to write with cats on me, but they obviously missed me while I was at work today and so I let them stay. I won’t get in my actual writing done tonight because I don’t wish to disturb them. There’s plenty of time for writing later.