NaNoWriMo 2016

I was determined to start and finish a 40,000 word novel during the NaNoWriMo month of November 2016. I didn’t do it. Instead of taking me one month or 4 weeks to write a novel it took me 6 weeks. I’ve basked in this accomplishment for far too long. Last night I thought about starting the editing process, but need to print out a full manuscript before I start revisions just in case something goes very wrong with the process so I have a hard copy of the book to refer back to.


Found It!

Someone else blogged about Write or Die the timed writing program online. I tried it. I liked it and found it helpful. At the top of the Write or Die page were other helpful writing websites such as: and Neither one of these are timed so no pressure to write. Too bad Write or Die at doesn’t offer writing prompts. Or too bad that doesn’t offer timed writing exercises.

By the way, most of what I write here is fresh off the cuff without any editing. So excuse typos if there are any because I be perfect. 🙂

Lost Word Writers Group

So it was me and the leader last night at the Lost Word Writers Group at Jackson District Library in Jackson Michigan. Even though it was just the two of us I felt it was productive. We did a writing exercise about first encounters which I felt good enough about to expand and submit to a writers contest for short fiction online. I’m hoping for runner up (one of 10 places) or honorable mention (one of 10 places too).

I don’t believe my piece is strong enough to win it all, but I don’t care. I’m going for bottom of the barrel type of placement and hope to make a good showing there. I just want my writing to be recognized. I would cut and paste it here, but putting it in my blog constitutes publishing and I don’t want to publish it randomly on my own. I want someone else to award placement to it and let me bask in the realm of honorable mention for all to see.

I liked the writing prompt and being timed. Think I’ll look on the web to see what is out there for timed writing prompts as I seem to do some pretty good work when I am under pressure especially if it is for an audience. I’ll let you know what I find or if you know of something that offers a writing prompt (direction for the writing to take) and a timed exercise then by all means let me know in the comments section of my blog.

As always. Thanks for reading my blog.