Pages From The Heart Contest

June 30, 2017 I submitted under 6,000 words of my short contemporary romance book with the working title, The Cattle Barron’s Redemption, to Pages From The Heart Contest. I don’t expect to win. All I want are the comments on the work I submitted. I’ll know something in late September…I think.
In the meantime, I continue to work on the story. I know there are problems with it such as not enough internal dialogue. Still I submitted the story to find other areas that need improvement.
I think too that the conflicts need work so they are more intense. Romance novels are notorious for pressing the issue of conflict. I think readers can grasp subtleties, but that is not what I’m seeing in my reading of published writers works. They keep hammering away in different language as to what the central problem is with their characters. Ugh!


Editing Process

I’m on chapter 6 in the editing process of my contemporary romance book. I’m enjoying rereading it very much and have forgotten a lot of the book, which makes it refreshing to read. Actually, I finished writing the 50,000 word book December 8, 2016 and never looked at it until now–now that I’m editing it. Six months later I’m editing. It feels really good to look back at my work and enjoy reading it. That’s a bright positive for me on my editing path. How different it would be if I hated reading my own work. (Pitch it out the window I say if I hate it). Well, not really literally pitch it out the window but that is the first thing that came to mind just now.